Louisville Tick Control

Natural Tick Control Service

Our Louisville natural tick control is effective at ridding and repelling ticks and many other pests like fleas and ants!

Ticks are a dangerous pest as they attach to their host (humans and pets concern us the most) and can go unnoticed for days. While attached, they feed on the host and transmit any disease they may be caring. The most common is Lyme Disease. You can read more about that and other pathogens transmitted by ticks, here. While there are various tick species and the number of ticks is on the rise, it is important to understand what you can do to protect your family. We want to enjoy our outdoor spaces and not have to worry about these pests crawling on to our pets, children, or other family members and friends.

Why Natural Tick Control?

Ticks are crawling critters that do not fly. A tick may fall from a tree or crawl up a leg to find a host and begin feeding. One way we can help keep ticks out of our outdoor space is by keeping it well maintained. Ticks love long grasses and out of control bushes as they like to lay eggs in spaces that are warm and soft, up to 5000 of them! Our goal is to help keep your family out of harms way from both ticks and toxic chemicals that can be harmful to humans and pets. When you choose natural tick control with Clean Air Lawn Care Louisville, you will be able to enjoy your yard without the worry. Our results are as effective as chemically treated spaces and last 3-4 weeks. We recommend applications every 3 weeks as results will begin to wear off in that final week. However, customers may choose to have monthly applications.

How Does It Work?

We use a cedarwood oil based products in our natural tick control methods. Cedar oil works by blocking the octopamine neurotransmitter receptors in pests. Other animals and even beneficial insects, do not have these. The cedar oil will kill the ticks on contact but also repel them from the applied areas. In addition, cedar oil does more than just kill and repel ticks. It also repels mosquitos, flies, fleas, ants, mites & cockroaches.

Tick-Borne Disease Facts

  • There are 90 tick species in the U.S. and five that carry disease.
  • Ticks require blood to survive, they most commonly feed on white-tailed deer and other small animals.
  • There are a couple of tick species that prefer dogs as their host. Always remember to check your pooch after rolling in the grass or especially being around a wooded area. You can protect your yard, too!
  • Ticks are arachnids. They are a relative of spiders and mites. They often get mistaken for being an insect.
  • Ticks don’t just bite and leave, they bury their teeth in and attach themselves tightly to their host for days if undetected. It can take only 24 hours to transmit Lyme Disease, so make sure you find and remove them quickly.