St. Matthews Lawn Care Service Owner

Why Clean Air Lawn Care in St. Matthews?

I enjoy working with my hands and being able to see tangible results over time. Clean Air Lawn Care St. Matthews is a great opportunity to do work that is meaningful to me personally, as well as provide a service that is meaningful to our clients. If I can help customers maintain a good looking lawn which is also truly healthy (not only for their grass and plants, but for their children and pets as well), I am happy and feel like my work with Clean Air Lawn Care is fulfilling.

 What sustainable habits do you have?

All of life is about sustainability in one way or another. Of course, my family attempts to reduce waste by recycling and using products which are meant to be reused rather than disposed. We have used electric lawn equipment whenever possible to maintain our yard (even before owning a organic and electric St. Matthews lawn care company) and try to avoid pesticides or cleaners that are dangerous to my kids or our dog.

Why do you think sustainable and organic lawn care important?

I view sustainable and organic lawn care through the principle of good stewardship. Taking appropriate care of ourselves, our possessions, and other responsibilities can be a balancing act, and sustainable and organic St. Matthews lawn care is a way of maintaining that balance. It gives us lawns which not only look healthy, but are healthy. It is healthy for the plant and animal life in the lawn, for our kids and pets who play in the lawn, and for the community at large by reducing the chemicals or gas exhaust that would be spread otherwise.

St. Matthews lawn care - OwnerWhat is great about your community?

Louisville is a great city. My family and I moved here in 2011 and we cannot imagine raising our kids anywhere else. It’s a decent size city that has a real feeling of local community and as a father of a special needs child, we have found Louisville to be especially welcoming. It also has great local music, arts and food.

What else would you like to share?

I am married to Sarah and we have two active boys (Blake and Levi) as well as an old lady pug named Lucy.

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