Pooper Scooper Service

Dog Poop Pick Up Service in Louisville

Louisville dog Poop pick up serviceWe are proud to be providing you with Louisville pooper scooper service. We all love our pets, but don’t all love picking up their waste. At Clean Air Lawn Care, we believe that having the dog poop removed regularly is better for them, your family and your lawn.

Our professional team members come to your home, clean all the dog poop from your lawn and other designated areas, and we take it with us leaving your lawn clean. If you have weekly lawn maintenance with us, we will pick up the dog poop on the same day, before we service your lawn. If not, we will come the same day each week to remove the dog poop.


What Our Pooper Scooper Service Costs

We will provide dog poop pick up services for one to four dogs per property. Our visits are weekly and we charge monthly. Pricing is determined by number of dogs. If we also provide you with weekly sustainable lawn care services, we discount your pooper scooper services by $5/week.

Why choose us for your dog poop pick up service?

We are professionals who take our jobs seriously. You will have a team member thoroughly cleaning your property. We ensure the job is complete by taking the waste with us so your yard can be completely poop free. Call us today for more information! (502) 434-3045